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My favourite dog was put down last Saturday. He's always had recurring stroke-like spasms, but this time, its just too far gone. Nerve and brain damage... Some vets shouldnt ever be allowed to practice. My family apparently sent him for checkups at some veterinary clinic near my place and the vet didnt even detect this. Of all places... considering we usually had our usual vet make house calls every once in awhile ~_~

Aggresive [to the point of being vicious ^^;], playful, naughty with an extremely short attention span. But I loved him ♥

Rest in peace Schwarzer~~
♥ 2000 - 2007 ♥

**Linlin has no internet connection at home therefore you wont really see her online much :( She's bored, is coping veeeery badly to the weather, while recovering from sunburns from a day at the beach :D [molting has ended and i now have tan lol], and misses talking to her online friends. Need new music. Need Rin, Lu, Faye. I have stuff for you guys. lol.
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