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Hedgie pics!

So here are my hedgehog pics as promised~ These were taken with my phone so excuse the grainy-ness ^^ The rest are still in the cybershot and will be extracted when Im not that lazy.

Ball mode Spikey!
Super cute when he curls up into a ball XD Dont be fooled by the way he's held, he's incredibly spikey and painful at this point >.< When we first got him, he would ball up lots and hiss~ but after the 1st week, he got used to being handled :D Now he has lotsa toys and a large [and very expensive] running wheel.
Unfurling Spikey :P Did I mention that he's very very veeeery active when taken out of his cage >.< Just cant stop moving.
Asleep in his hamster ball. Lol.
Caught in the act of playing with his favourite toy [a toilet paper roll XD]~ He's darned cute when walking around with that thing on his head LOL. So so cute :3

My new job is..... FUN. Farking fun lol. They gave me a new laptop too. Work attire is casual (thank god for research jobs) and work time is flexible. Not to mention its in a small town, so we get tea breaks whenever bored lol. Location wise, its pretty scenic, since there are 3 ponds/lakes surrounding my area, lotsa bamboos, and a hilly landscape. My 1st batch of fish fry will be in next week.

Oh its great that David Cook won <3 <3
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