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「蝶」 ~ When the colour of cherry blossoms fill the air, I'm alone...

桜色舞うころ, 私はひとり

Forbidden Lover
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I'm a huge Kagrra, Nao, and Yukihiro fan ♥ Other music loves include: SID, Rentrer en Soi, Merry, Kra, Clavier, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Plastic Tree, Dir en Grey, Nightmare, Ai Otsuka, Yoshiki, Acidman, any good music in general... anime osts, all forms of good japanese music and anything beautiful: anime, manga, art, fukaya yuichiro art, traditional japanese art/music/culture, poetry, Shakespearean sonnets, photography, visual kei, beautiful men ^^

Also loves books, falling rain, thunderstorms, the night, stars, ecology, acoustic guitars, hugs, ice cream, deep engaging conversations, sketching, traditional japanese instruments, glow-in-the-dark stuff, talking late into the night with good friends, making people happy, talking online with my jrock-loving friends, long-distance phone calls, long car rides with good company, receiving and sending (snail)mails to friends...

I'm currently doing my Masters in Biotechnology... although I am more interested in ecology and building up a liking for proteomics. Lol. I'm a random person with very unpredictable moods although I tend to be very nice to my friends all the time [yes Im biased that way ^^]. I like traditional japanese music alot and would love to learn to play the koto and shamisen. I've not given up learning the guitar yet, but dont have much time at the moment to play. I hate sites with music playing the moment you enter it >.< Its bloody annoying *alt+f4*. I have more japanese music/media than I have room for. Donating to help buy me a huuuge new harddrive would be more than welcome :D I always seem to have too much time on my hands [even when I really dont] because broadband is ♥ and I have fantastic friends online ^__^

Current Kagrra, layout and codes by me. Original scans taken from Urei ♥ My world revolves around your scans. Thank you.


She can also be found here. Playlist here.
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So I've mellowed out... and the above is no longer all that relevant to me. Lol. I'm currently doing research in a Biotech company mainly dealing with fish breeding (of food fish). I still listen to my jrock stuff but its no longer on priority listening ^^ I still read and write, create graphics occasionally for my blogs or for friends. I dont care about anime/manga, but if you have nice suggestions I would always love to try them out ^_^. I do play a fair bit of WoW tho~ and its become my main hangout place lol. Nothing like having 70s ♥ My main servers are Cenarion Circle and Thaurissan. I love WoW.

Nao sig by Faye for me ♥ No touchy ^^